Laligurans Ltd.

Flag of Nepal Coding according to the official construction in "Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, Article 5, Schedule 1", adopted in November 1990

“Empowering the People of Nepal”

With this motto, Laligurans was established by a group of energetic individuals with the aim of bridging the gap between producers and consumers and while doing so, providing job opportunities in the local market and small-scale industries of Nepal. Laligurans takes its pride in identifying, showcasing and promoting the produce of own homeland and thus, promoting the economy of common Nepalese people thriving on small scale industries. We expect to grow further and increase the acceptance and recognition of Nepali food culture in international market. Currently, we are supplying our products in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia through our partner organizations Sagoon Group Pty Limited and Laligurans Brisbane Pty Limited respectively. We hope to grow further in the near future to other parts of the globe.

Quality Nepali Products

All our products are made and packaged in Nepal with utmost importance to quality. By quality we mean the fresh harvests, finest ingredients and very hygienic processing plants endorsed by Laligurans in procuring our products.

Exceptional Inventory Management

We understand the demand and supply status quo, as per which we manage our inventory and stock count. We are also careful of the manufacturing and expiry dates. Premium Packaging 

Premium Packaging

Our expert staffs understand what packaging materials are to be used to different products and how they have to be packaged in order to be transported to long distances. Good packing ensured in BPA free food grade plastic materials ensure your health and long freshness of the packaged products.

Competitive Price

Working alongside different suppliers, we are updated of the prices and we try to maintain a competitive price according to quality without compromising the quality provided.

Socio-economic upliftment of local market workers

To contribute back to the society, we try to provide job opportunities to local workers, especially to women of the rural settings, with the aim that they could be self-sustained and economically independent.